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A New Life


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It's a Pugs life

Heidi Penrod wrote this poem about her babies, that she rescued from,
Melanie O'Brian at IL-MO Rescue in Belleville, Illinois.
Particularly her Pug Bella inspired her to write this.
Bella came from a puppy mill and she spent her life as a breeding female.

Today I awaken, again with fright,
It's so that I can't tell if it's day or night.
I'm cold and wet, whimpering in pain,
Not bothering to bark out loud, for I know it's in vain.
I wonder if today is the day that I will eat,
To ease my mind, instead I lick my sore feet.
Wait, what's the noise and commotion outside?
Running in circles, there's no place to hide.
My cage door opens to the bright sun glowing above,
Gentle hands reaching in, contact I have been void of.
Holding me close as I shiver with fear,
Comforting words whispered in my infected ear.
Looking around, I see so many of us, yet I had always felt alone,
So many other dogs and puppies, to me had been unknown.
Lights flashing, humans talking rapidly, I'm in a warm car,
Wondering where I am being taken, for this is all so bizarre.
Into a house, a first for me, and given a warm bath,
Food in my tummy, first time in days, I must be on the right path.
I'm learning what it's like, sleeping in the warmth of a soft bed,
Snuggled up close with other's like me, comforting my little head.
This wonderful new life of mine is something to behold,
It's just the start, only the beginning I am told.
For one day, someone will take me to a special place to call my own,
For there, I will be spoiled and loved in a place I'll call home.
The gratitude and thanks go to the many who saved us from life in hell,
The pain, suffering, hunger and death, we have all bid farewells.
The rescue people cry for the ones that didn't make it,
I try to comfort them with my charm, antics and wit.
They laugh at me, scoop me up and kiss on my face,
I don't know if I'm ever going to want to leave this place.
The rescue people tell me it gets much better than this,
In my forever home, I won't have to share my human's kiss.
I'll miss my rescue friends where my new life started,
They will never be forgotten, even though we've parted.
I'm as happy as a dog can be in my new home,
My own bed, soft toys, good food and a yard to roam.
I send my puppy prayers to heaven each night
Blessing the rescue workers, who never give up the fight.

İHeidi Penrod 2004