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Its a Pugs life

Tales of the Cookie Cat as told to Mommy

Cookie Cat, Cookie Cat,
Where have you been?
"I've been to London to visit the Queen."
Cookie cat, Cookie Cat,
What did you do there?
"Why I chased a mouse out from under the chair!"

Mommy's note about me. I started in Pug Rescue before I got my Pug. My dearest friend Diane is the one who got me involved. Oh How I loved my fosters. Though having always wanted a pug of my own, sending these babies to forever homes made me cry! "You'll find your special girl soon Robyn." Diane told me. "I have a feeling about this." Those words comforted me and after a very unexpected series of events fate took over. Now this bundle of joy, this little girl in pig tails, sleeps in my lap as I write this. Fate did take over. When I first laid eyes on Phoebe I cried. She was so beautiful. She had been in 3 different homes and a warehouse prior to finding me. I count my blessings for my girl everyday. She is bold as brass, I don't believe for a minute that she views herself as having the limitations a normal dog would. So here are Phoebe's escapades. A day in the life of the pug princess is never dull. She is a perpetual 7 year old girl with a fondness for the rougher side of life. She plays like a boy, she prefers the company of boy dogs and is quite unique in personality. She is my faithful companion. She loves everyone she meets, but she is never far from me. Whether I am cooking, sewing, traveling, sleeping, or outdoors Phoebe is close-by and keeping me entertained.

Facial Expression, Curiosity and Green Footprints

Pugs put a lot into their faces. I think more so than my other dogs, they use every feature to get their point across. Whether it be irritation, elation, or just plain boredom. I generally know what she is thinking. This is never more evident than when I undertake a new project. So when I decided to paint my office, (after mulling over colors for months) I had my first lesson in attempting any big undertaking with a pug. Now, I have 5 dogs, 4 males and 1 female. The boys are boys. They enjoy a good ride in the car, a bellyrub or two. Cuddling on the sofa and a romp around the yard. Dinner time is also a favorite with the boys. Phoebe, well she is different. Opening a cupboard in this house requires that she peek her head inside for a sniff and a survey. The boys might look up and yawn, uninterested unless food is involved. Phoebe can hear the creak of a hinge from sound sleep. So when I tiptoed to the door and quietly grabbed my keys, who do you suppose was at my feet? "Well lady" I said "Don't suppose you'd like to go for a ride?" This was met with the usual stare, cocked head & big round eyes. So away we went. I don't often get out of the house without her. Its a good thing we live in the most dog friendly state. After sorting through some more paint selections we came back home for a bit of lunch. Phoebe was wiped, after all. Errands take a lot out of you! She snuggled into her favorite spot, the brown "pug" chair. I readied the room for painting. No sooner did I pour the paint in the pan then around the corner of the door popped the familiar black face and quizzical expression. "What are you up to Mum?" She cocked her head, and I said "Hello, up so soon?" and she stretched into the doorway, front legs out, bum high in the air, then a grand ole yawn and she sat down. Snnnniifff snnniiiff she tried to get a perspective on what I was doing. Eyes half open. She decided this was worth her time. She walked across the room and hopped up into the chair I had ready to reach the ceiling. So I started the task of coloring the walls. She watched me. Every movement. Roll paint, up the wall down the wall, Roll paint, up the wall down the wall.