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Chewy the Chocolate Dog

I have been reading and learning alot about this particular breed. Its called the Havanese. I've read quite a bit about their history which is quite romantic. But more than that i have been reading descriptions of the breed as told by people who live with them. Take note: I did not say own them, as I do not believe its possible to be an owner of this dog. They own you, and trust me when I say that. They OWN you!
I have been reading personality traits and games they play. Chewy does all of them, and you can imagine my delight to find out his games have a name. His favorite game is now known as "BiteFace" Really self explanatory. He plays this often with his Pug Sister who is happy to oblige. The next game is "RunLikeHell" another self explanatory game. He usually plays this game with whomever is in pursuit of him either real or imagined. He can dart and weave like the best of the fourleggeds despite his only having three legs, and he is so fast he is just a little brown blur of a thing.
I am adding a third game to this list and I call it "ChewUmUp" This is the game which is just essentially the shredding of anything paperlike in his path. Newspapers, magazines, papertowels and his favorite a roll of toilet paper, as seen here. and again Notes: Pancake flop swimming