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Clara Rose 2/26/04

We called her Foxy Lady. Doesn't she look just like a fox!


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Clara rose came to me from a shelter in New York. Her story is heart breaking. Someone dropped her off at the shelter in a box, on a night that was below zero temperatures. Clara had breast tumors. Her teeth had long since decayed, and left a portion of her jaw rubbery. Clara did have two molars left that were severely infected. She was so emaciated that she weighed 3 pounds. A healthy weight for her should have been between 6 & 8 pounds. She also suffered from severe calcium deficiency. Her back legs were bowed and her back arched from spending her life in a cage that was too small for her. She had horrible ear infections. I hope that the coward who brought her in finds his/her own justice someday.

My son and I were looking at the animals on when we came across Clara. We periodically check for pugs & other animals and notify local breed rescues if they are in a shelter. We had an instant connection just seeing her picture. We knew we needed her. We also wanted her to spend her senior days feeling the love & compassion that she had never had. We drove to New York that weekend and picked her up. It was love at first sight. My 8-year-old son Adam gingerly held this girl in his arms, and we brought her home.

Clara had the most beautiful eyes. They were so inquisitive and filled with curiosity as she watched us constantly. The first thing we did when we got her home was bathe her and turn her into the beautiful red pom girl we knew she was. Oh she looked so pretty. I gave her the pommie trim. We put on her party dress and the spoiling started. I cradled her like a baby & fed her like a queen. I made her baked chicken breast in olive oil, cooked chicken livers & baked hamburger. I did this in every effort for her to pick up some weight. She couldn't eat on her own. I had to help her. We made her beds in every room & carried her outside & back in. We kept her nearby always. I even heard her bark once while she was with me. Everyday Clara struggled to hold on to her life. Her legs were shaky, yet she would muster up the strength to walk over to wherever I was, and gently scratch at the chair or sofa to sit in my lap. Eating was such a struggle for her. I think it was both painful and appetite loss. I finally just started making her these shakes and feeding her with a dropper. She was so good about being fed. But the cancer was overtaking her. She would have fevers on & off and chill very easy. I brought her outside in a towel and wrapped her up in my coat when she was done going potty. I loved to just stroke her fur. She was becoming so weak so fast.

I made an appointment with the vet and got Clara Rose ready. She had a warm bath with green tea & lavender. I conditioned her with raspberry cream rinse. So she smelled delicious. She got her nails clipped and a nice brushing. I absolutely love to bathe & groom my animals. I love the one on one time I spend with each one. It connects us. I sensed Clara was trying to tell me something. To this day I wish I knew. There was something so unique about the way she tried communicating with me, with her eyes. I just didn't have the ability to know for sure. If there are any pet psychics out there I would love to speak to you! I want to know how she lived, her experiences and what she had seen. She never stopped watching me. I almost think she was just blown away by the treatment she got. Questioning the kindness - it's rather sad when you think about it. Sort of like that's not what her expectations were of people. I was trying to hold on to her. I desperately wanted to help her. I loved her.

When I brought her in to see the doctor she had so much going on. The rimidyl wasn't helping her get around and her heart was giving up. The suspicion was that the cancer had spread to her lungs. They were all crackly. I had to say goodbye to my Clara Rose. Her body just gave up on her. All I really wanted was for Clara Rose to know a home before she died. I am so happy that I had that time with her. It was something that was important to me. I only hope that Clara Rose understood what I was trying to do. I just loved her for who she was. I had thought briefly after she died that I should take a break. But animals don't get a break. Her courage & strength give me my motivation to just continue, and open my heart to whoever comes along. Thank you Clara for everything you gave me. For still trusting when you had no right to trust. For being you. I will always miss you. I will always keep you in my heart. Love, Mommy

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