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My Fabulous Five Its a dogs life.


My Fabulous Five
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Introducing my fabulous five

When people hear I have 5 dogs they usually gasp and say. "5 DOGS" Wow, I could never have 5 Dogs. Well to those that think its a lot. You're wrong. Dogs are pack animals and 5 is the perfect number for our family. Nope, not a lot of work, and what work there is, is a pleasure as they have so much to give!

It was –20 degrees out! I truly wasn’t trying to humiliate them!
They are showing off their Bark Avenue© coats.
They are the envy of all the couture canines in the neighborhood!

Comanche is our 13-year-old American Eskimo. Eskies are an amazing breed of dog. Comanche has always been the guardian of our family his whole life & is the alpha male amongst the dogs. Comanche was my start in obedience and beahvior training. He had alot of issues when we first brought him home. But we decided to adopt him and we would not let him down nor give him away because of his issues. So many times owners don't want to work with dogs after making the decision to adopt. Truly its sad and sends the message that they are disposable!!! After months of training he has been my faithful companion and loyal friend for 13 years and I appreciate all he taught me. After that I continued training whomever crossed my path! Bandit he is 11. We bought him from a breeder. He was my first taste of what it means to rescue. He was a pup who has 2 types of worms, double patellar luxations, an undershot jaw, ear mites, fleas, allergies, hypothyroidism, & fearful of people. He is rather large for a Pomeranian. Had we not taken him who knows what his future would have held? He had so many surgeries his first two years. We were constantly at the vet. He truly fits his name. He is very sly when it comes to stealing things, toys, treats, & especially food. Its terribly funny how he goes about it. Sneaking in, acting nonchalant about it all, just a little closer and a little swipe of the nose and voila he runs around a corner to devour his treat. When he is done he comes back out & starts all over again. Appearing completely oblivious to what he did. With his "who me?" face. We call him pappy. He just looks like a pappy!
Rocky When we called the breeder to tell her what was wrong with Bandit, she said to return him for a healthy dog. *Gasp* how on earth could one do that???? Dogs aren't disposable. I had had Bandit for almost a year. So she said she'd just give me another dog. Despite the fact that we had problems with Bandit I jumped at the chance to save another pup. My husband & I were so dismayed at how she kept these animals. {Outdoor kennels in Ohio} some people are clueless. *sigh* In this case this woman is a well known breeder who handles show dogs. I don't have enough space or memory to post what I really think, plus I have a G rating. Basically if you are a breeder, take a look at how you care for your animals. If you wouldn't live like them, then stop. Rocky is 9 now. He's a typical yappy pommie. We figure he just has a lot to say. I love him with all my heart and soul. I carry this little guy wherever I go. He just sleeps in his carrier. He is one of the three that sleep with us every night. If you don't like yappy dogs, don't adopt a pom. Its part of their whole persona. Rocky is the activities director of our household. He dictates who plays, & when. He must also be involved in any skirmish. He has a very difficult personality. We love him for it, and celebrate his uniqueness. Rocky is who he is. The other dogs have really learned to tolerate his quirks Phoebe Isabella She is 2 now. I call her cookie cat. She is a teeny 13 lbs. Miss Phoebe is now working as a therapy dog and has just completed Advanced Obedience! Yeah PHOEBE! She works hard for me, can do some agilithy but really excels in her obedience. SHe is a gorgeous girl with very unique coloring. Quite a contrast in her markings. She is very pale with a striking well defined Mask and black ears. She loves her job as a therapy pug and she does it well!
Chewy Just look at the "snarky" face! Chewy a.k.a. choodles, choodlings, choo choo & chews is the baby of the family. He is a Havanese or Havana Silk Dog. They originate from Cuba and have quite a romantic story. Chewy is a true chocolate dog. He has a chocolate nose, light brown eyes and his skin is a liver color. Even his paw pads are chocolate. Chewy only has 3 useable legs and 1 front leg that is not. He was injured during or right after birth and by the time we adopted him it could no longer be fixed. There are 3 seperate injuries to the limb. We have had several Orthopedic consults. We have settled into life with three legs just fine and our home is handicap accessible. We have ramps and stairs to all the important places. (Like the bed & sofa.) Chewy lets us know when he wants to be anywhere else! Chewy is the "glue" between the dogs. Everyone likes him and he even gets the 13 year old eskie to romp and play like a pup! Chewy has learned at one year old to navigate stairs and even jump on and off the sofa without assistance! Yeah Chewy!
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