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The Pug Diaries
Tales of the Cookie Cat as told to Mommy

Cookie Cat, Cookie Cat,
Where have you been?
"I've been to London to visit the Queen."
Cookie cat, Cookie Cat,
What did you do there?
"Why I chased a mouse out from under the chair!"

Mommy's note about me. I started in Pug Rescue before I got my Pug. My dearest friend Diane is the one who got me involved. Oh How I loved my fosters. Though having always wanted a pug of my own, sending these babies to forever homes made me cry! "You'll find your special girl soon Robyn." Diane told me. "I have a feeling about this." Those words comforted me and after a very unexpected series of events fate took over. Now this bundle of joy, this little girl in pig tails, sleeps in my lap as I write this. Fate did take over. When I first laid eyes on Phoebe I cried. She was so beautiful. She had been in 3 different homes and a warehouse prior to finding me. I count my blessings for my girl everyday. So here are Phoebe's escapades. Let me tell you that her personality is is larger than life! She is a tomboy and she does things her way.

Trips to school and grooming tips....

"C'mon Cookie cat - lets go for a ride. I heard mommy say and although I was nice and warm under the covers I thought I'd see if she was certain we were leaving or some deceptive trick to bathe me or *gasp* clip my nails. Click click click click, down the hallway to the door. Yep, her shoes are on, harness in hand YAHOOOOOOO! Snap, clip harness on! Mommy picked me up. "Lets have a look see at those paws I heard clicking, yup time for a trim!" wince.Maybe by looking especially cute she will forget. I wiggled my Bum and licked her face. Lets go lets go lets go I was tring to tell her! We hopped in the car and I assumed my position half on mommy half on the armrest closest to the window. "NNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" sniff sniff.
No you don't girl windows up!
Mommy told me. I love to roll down the windows. Mommy keeps telling me the next car won't have power windows. But

A tale of Pug Jealousy..

Mommy thinks having foster pugs are great. I dunno why they are always getting in the way.....and on Mommys' lap. To clear things up there are three of us in this household allowed that position. Chewy. Cause he's small and I think he is my toy. Rocky, because he is (and I think I will use Mum's word here) Crotchedy whatever that means, I wil;l deal with him. I do allow also the occasional bunny as long as they only nibble my fur and don't BITE! But other dogs. Uh - uh no way. I get the main portion of the lap. Thats my spot. I will claim it if necessary by mashin my body between Mommy and whoever might be in the way. Oh, and I also give mommy My really really pitiful look. So we have these two new pugs here. Max is really fun cause I can bark at him and pouince on him and he chases me. Ethel just likes to take my toys, but if Mommy is busy I can curl up with her. Phoebe is SO jealous of Ethel. Its too funny. Not in an aggressive way. When I was sitting on the sofa with Phoebe next to me reading, Ethel mosied over to perch on me. Phoebe got up from her sleeping position and mashed her body between Ethel and I.What was hilarious about this was Phoebes obvious discomfort in her contorted flattened position against my chest. Her neck was all twisted funny as she tried to get adjusted on me. She was determined to be between Ethel and I. Ethel Was laying by my head last night and Phoebe weasled her way between Ethel and my head and slept with her face on mine. So Ethel got up and moved down to my legs and Phoebe assumed her usual spot by my head. Its funny. She doesn't growl or anything. But I belong to Phoebe and her way of showing it is to get as close to me as possible.