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Its a Pugs life

Days in the life of a CookieCat

Cookie Cat, Cookie Cat,
Where have you been?
"I've been to London to visit the Queen."
Cookie cat, Cookie Cat,
What did you do there?
"Why I chased a mouse out from under the chair!"

Note from Mum Ė ďBefore Phoebe came into my life I had been a foster Mum for pug rescue. So I did get to know the breed. I also read everything I could get my hands on in reference to pugs. Having had purebred dogs my whole life and really always pining away for that right pug I was patient. Often I would hear the phrase ďBeing owned by a PugĒ I actually thought it was funny. I mostly just thought of my dogs as ďthe boysĒ.

But something happens when a pug walks into your life. Its as if there is this whole universe that existed without you, and now they have given you permission to join them, and of course worship them. You donít choose them. They have a way of finding you. I wonder if itís because they have been around for so long. Thousands of years of personality development, I also donít believe pugs, even their far away ancestors were ever the Neanderthals as humans are. That first one came out, dignified, intelligent and enough humor to win over the ancient Chinese. Itís no surprise that they were a well-guarded secret for ceturies prior to being smuggled via the trade routes into Europe. Only royalty would have the means to care for these comical beings. I donít think pugs would have done well in poverty. They expect & demand a privileged way of life. I had read somewhere that in ancient China if you were not royalty you could not own a pug, if you were found with one you could be killed. I wonder whose idea that was? Was it really an ancient Chinese dynasty that came up with that punishment, or was it a pug who happened to be in less than accomadating provisions? If you have a pug, I will let you decide. Demanding. Itís a very good descriptive word for them. Which is probably where the much used phrase of ďBeing owned by a pugĒ derives from. Pugs are demanding. But; in such an endearing way, if demanding can be endearing, the Pugs own the trademark on that one! I think I should do fine spending the rest of my life in the company of pugs. You really never know until that pug walks in and owns you. So I will agree with the comment of being owned by a pug. Unless you have one in your life, you just canít understand. So here is my site, about the pug that owns me. Phoebe Isabella. The CookieCat.Ē

All Pugs have a persona. It usually takes a day or two to figure it out. I have met my share of complete diva pugs, to the farmer pugs, to the distinguished gentleman. I even had a pug here for a few weeks that was a very feminine boy, who barked like a girl, and I swear he had a preference for pink! They are all amazingly unique!

When Phoebe first came to live with me I was so elated at the prospect of having a girl dog in the house. My house is overcome with testosterone. (trust me the walls are fairly dripping with that stuff) 2 sons of the two-legged sort & 4 male kids of the four-legged kind.
I went agog in pink. Pink sweater with pink marabou collar, pink dog bed, pink harness & leash, the poor dog looked as though Pepto-Bismol entered her life and threw up on everything. Well, I quickly learned that she is not a pink lady. Phoebe Isabella is a seven-year-old girl in pigtails. She is an exuberant Tomboy. She likes to get dirty; she abhors her nails clipped and plays hard. She plays harder than my boy dogs. She plays harder than any other dog I have ever known. She will do a flying leap into her Pug Pool in hot pursuit of an oversize ball. She has been known to launch & soar through the air, slide across a coffee table and come to a complete stop just before she hits the edge She corners like she is on rails. Play hard, sleep hard, thatís my girl.


My name is Phoebe - Its always been that to some extent. Mum just changed the spelling a bit & gave me a middle name. I had a not so great life before I came to live with my Mum. Actually my last home was really fun! I got to terrorize a whole bunch of pugs. Though they didn't think it was so great. The home before that wasn't so good. And before that I was in a warehouse! That was sad & lonely for me. Mom says I will be here forever & ever. She said I have been through enough and now its time to just live and be my puggy self. And Boy am I! I am happy about that because I like my family A LOT. I LOVE my mum. I never want to be away from her, and she respects who I am. Somewhere before I came to Mums house I was hit. I used to be really kind of scared of men. I also was afraid to go potty in front of people. I quickly learned the ropes here. Potty learning was a snap when I knew where to go and I wasn't punished anymore. I also learned that men aren't bad people. My new Daddy was so patient with me. He let me come to him in my own time and I learned to love him alot. I am a Daddy's girl also - but don't tell Mom cause she gets jealous.

Now, a little about my life. I have a best Pug friend; Bailey He likes to play down and dirty with me, and I really like to tease him! Here are the two of us goofing off while Mum had the camera. Just look at these mugs! Bailey is just the best. His Nickname is Mr. Tail, although he really is a distinguished pug, I get to see his alternative personality when he comes over. Mum calls him "Big Boy" and I get so EXCITED when I get a puggy playdate. I also overhear Mum say that Bailey misses me when we don't see each other. I think he is pretty handsome -- but I won't tell him that. I am all tomboy & Bailey is a farmer pug. Which is probably why we get along so well. Mum says we play like girls though, to be honest its a bit insulting. She says that because we swat at each other with our paws like a catfight. He's pretty cute though. (Mum totally has a thing for Bailey!) Here we are frolicking in the grass. I am kind of a bit bossy; hey I can admit it. I like things my way. Bailey is okay with that. So we get along even better. He also likes food just as much as me! Though I am a bit fussier than he is. We have a little 3-legged dog here named Chewy. You can see him HERE. Mum brought Chewy home on Valentines Day. (He has his own sad story. But not anymore. He has a forever home just like me!) He was a present for me or at least thatís what I think! He is a living breathing TOY! Bailey really likes Chewy a lot. Which is kinda sweet, though I get jealous. After all Bailey is MY friend, and I don't really feel like sharing him. But I do let Chewy play too. Mostly I will just watch them and bark to see if they notice me. If they don't then I usually curl up on Mom's lap, and let them have at it. I like Moms lap. She may irritate me with all the pictures she takes, but she has a great lap. Itís my favorite place to be. When I am tired, or just need company. I like to ride on her lap in the car, and sleep on her lap when she uses the computer. She also says I am really a good pug about sharing her lap. Though I have to be the closest to her. I do let Chewy and Rocky pop up occasionally. I am a mommyís girl through & through. From the first moment I met her! She was mine! Mine! Mine! I don't often let her out of my sight. When she sews I sleep next to her machine, or I sit on her lap or *gasp* the table while she is eating. But I know not to steal food. I am a bit fussy anyway. I just like to be close to my Mum. I think she makes me feel safe and loved. Well, she also spoils me. Mum took me to obedience training and I did great. That was fun stuff. She still uses it with me daily, even when I really push and try to get my way. She says itís to keep me safe. I usually oblige after all I like to make her happy. Here is a picture of Bailey & I together playing. Isn't he cute?
Here is a picture of Bailey over for dinner. We have a really great pack at our house. Mom doesn't let us get into much trouble. We do have the occasional days where we pick on each other. But we don't bite when a growl will do. We also respect the pecking order. Itís part of being a family. Well, there is this kitty. His name is cubby and he is CRAZY. I absolutely love getting the troops together to hunt him down and bark at him. Teeheehee

Mommy has put him in time out for teasing me. But he is a cat and lets face it. They do things their own way. I don't mind the teasing either. Then I can really get that kitty. I can tick him off pretty quickly. Itís the best game ever. "GGGGRRRRRRRRRRR" Every now and then, he will hide around the corner of the china cabinet and when I pass he will SMACK me. Then he takes off running! Chicken. I can take him. Just look at those shifty eyes. Mom calls him ďthe perpetratorĒ whatever that means.
He thinks I can't see him in the window. Hahahaha he can run but he can't HIDE.
This is a picture of me in my Babushka. I actually am pretty patient about dressing up. I like my pretty necklaces and sweaters in the winter. Mom also makes me wear sunglasses. But those are to protect my eyes from foreign objects and too much sun. Pugs have sensitive eyes. So I am tolerant I guess. There are days when it just bothers me and I have a special look reserved just for those days. She knows the look when I give it too. Kinda gets the point across eh?

Most days I spend lounging about, playing with Chewy. Itís really a rough life. But the way I figure, someoneís got to do it. I am glad itís me! I will tell my Mom more to write later. Yaaaaaaaawwwwn its time to take another siesta and find something to get into! I will leave you with one more Picture of me & my best friend, Bailey! Aren't we sooo charming? Oh one more thing! Check out the rest of the webpage! Mom has some great links to pug rescue, and pictures of the rest of my fur brothers. They are really cute. We range in age from 5 months to 12 1/2 years and we come from all walks of life with different backgrounds. We are a big old happy pack. Every single one of us! I couldn't be happier!


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