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Phoebe Isabella found her forever home with me in January!

Quote By George Anderson & Andrew Barone in their New York Times Best Seller "Lessons from the Light" "Because animals are so prized by the infinite light for their ability to love and forgive both here and hereafter, the souls there have also told me that cruelty toward animals is a much greater offense to the infinite light Than even cruelty toward another human being. Why? Because animals, at the hands of humans, are unable to defend themselves properly and must suffer the pain inflicted upon them in silence." "Take care of your pets----for their sake and for your life review's sake. They are the closest thing to god that we will ever find on the earth."*

*used by permission of authors. To them I give my warmest thanks!

Announcing a new pug rescue group! Pug Rescue Network of Michigan! Please support them in their quest to save pugs! Each new rescue starts with one goal in mind! To help all pugs regardless of age, medical problems or circumstances! Their first foster pug is Ava a beautiful pug that was discarded at an animal shelter and is in need of lots of medical care! (and a future forever home) She is being loved and adored by her foster family now.

I am a foster home for 2 separate pug rescue groups. Precious Pugs Rescue & Adoption & Green Mountain Pug Rescue This page is sort of a tribute to the babies that passed through my doors. I often look at it as I miss each and every one! I am so thankful that I was a part of their journey to their forever home!
Belle Actually, Isabella Thistledew Rosebud a.k.a Belle for short is my new foster baby girl. Her acrobats rival that of any monkey! And she has the facial expressions to boot! This little bundle of energy despises Vaccuum cleaners (death to all! Grrrrrrrrrrr) and loves to take showers, while a person is in there! She does all sorts of fun things including melting right into my arms when I hold her. We all have that one special foster that is hard to let go. Belle is going to be that girl.

GUS! Gus is 7 months old and yet another pug that stole my heart. He is just so sweet and kind. I only had him for a day but his foster home is close to mine so I get to visit and spent the day with him for his neuter. He weasled his soft little muzzle right into my lap and looks at me with those HUGE eyes. Who wouldn't love that! OSCAR! He is Gus's older pug brother. These two are inseperable and always have to be touching each other. Oscar has a very "compact" and "cobby" body which makes him absolutely adorable! The family who adopts these two is going to have lots of fun!

Every now and then a pug with a very unique personality stays with me. I don't think I could write an apt description of him that would do this guy justice. He was a little pug smaller even then my Phoebe (who is 14lbs) We called him "spooky" or "boo" because he followed us around like a ghost. He would cling to us like velcro. I am not kidding. We could let go when he was in our arms and he would literally have his front legs wrapped around our necks and his back legs straddling our sides. His persona was that of a 3 year old boy with seperation anxiety. "foster mom" had to be in his sights at all times. He attached himself quickly, we didn't mind one bit! He went to his forever home with a family that will cherish his uniqueness and for that I am thankful.

Here are Max (a.k.a. Maxi Baby) and Ethel Mae (a.k.a. don't let those doe eyes fool you she's hell on wheels) We are enjoying life with these beautiful pugs! They love the kids and are a nice addition to the living room furniture. I don't think words can describe how wonderful and precious these babies are. I can only say I am the fortunate one, in that I have the privilege of fostering them. I am truly blessed! These two are so nosey. They love to be a part of everything. And just in case I would happen to get cold they make sure to keep me warm on the sofa. Ethel is a surfer. She will find even an inch of room on you to balance her body, which is by no means petite. *laugh* we tell her she is just big boned. Max has no respect and will walk right across me. They are really a BLAST!

Brutus you can read Brutus' story here. Just scroll down. His owners surrendered him to PPRA. Each dog has a unique story behind him or her. Brutus was just an amazing puggy. He followed me everywhere. I cried the first week after he was placed in his forever home because I missed him! *Laugh* he is in a wonderful home filled with children & love! Zelda Zelda was a breeder from a puppy mill. Green Mountain Pug Rescue saved this girl. You can read her beautiful story here. She and her new mommy Jane are a match made in heaven.
Sammy You can read Sammy's story here. Just scroll down. This guy was a true Bundle of joy and a busy bee. I adored him. He had the best sense of humor and was just so energetic! He went to an AMAZING family in New York where he is loved and treated as a part of the family! Here I am with some of my best pug friends. They love cheerios! Its a great lowfat treat! I have never met a pug I didn't LOVE or a pug that didn't LOVE a snack or two.
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